New Mexico
Herpetological Society

March Meeting

Thursday March 7, 7:00pm

A message from our presenter:
My name is Mike Stefani of Mike's Monitors! I have been keeping and breeding reptiles, amphibians and all sorts of Animals over 40 years. For the last 30+ years my main focus has been on Varanids. In all these years one thing has remained the same. As much as I love my Animals, keeping them in "Naturalistic" Enclosures is just as much of a passion for me! Over the last several years I have developed MMSCS. Mike's Monitors Socialization Caging System, my system has been a real game changer in the Monitor world! MMSCS meets all the security needs of the Monitors. Be it CBB or WC Monitors. Cutting the time in socializing your Monitors from several months, to only a few short weeks. My goal in developing my MMSCS was and is to have calm, confident bold captives!! It is so important to socialize your Monitors for a great captive experience for you and more importantly the Monitors!

Adult Night: Wild World

Friday, March 15, 6pm-9pm

Animals are visiting Explora! Interact with special avian and reptilian guests. Click here for more info!