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John Ruyak
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Keith K. Crow is the Supervisor of Herpetology at the ABQ BioPark and a native of Albuquerque. He became a supervisor at the BioPark in 2013 after returning from living in Uganda where he worked as a Project Manager for an NGO and also on a variety of other projects including a Norwegian Peace Corps housing project and teaching science classes. Keith has a Master's degree in Collections Management for Zoos and Aquariums with a focus in Herpetology from George Mason University. His graduate thesis was based on four years of fieldwork in Southwestern Colorado surveying the rattlesnake population. In 2017 Keith was invited to join the IUCN Species Survival Commission for a four-year term and he was recently invited to continue through 2024. In addition, Keith has worked as a Field Biologist for the state of Colorado, the United States Federal Government, various contract projects and as a Zoo Keeper for several zoos. Most recently Keith has been volunteering with the State of New Mexico for an Absence/Presence survey of Western Massasauga. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time camping, traveling and exploring nature with his family, which is now a murder of four Crows.

Keith Crow

Josh Butler
Thank you for electing me as your Secretary of New Mexico Herpetological Society.
I've been with the ABQ BioPark's Herpetology department since August of 2019. Before that I was at the ABQ BioPark's Bugarium as a keeper since February 2015.
Prior to my time at the BioPark, I spent close to 10 years in wholesale veterinary supply sales. This time, although lucrative, was not fulfilling, and led me to finish my BS in Biology at UNM, and luckily landing a job here at the BioPark.
Before my sales career, from about 2000 - 2004, I was a full time student at UNM, worked as a Curatorial Assistant at Museum of SW Biology, and even managed a short field biologist project one semester for the NM Natural Heritage Project, as well as several volunteer stints helping the likes of Charlie Painter.
This roughly encompasses my time here in New Mexico, before this I grew up in the Bay Area in California, where I interned at San Francisco Zoo, worked in an ectotherm lab at UC Berkeley, and worked part time in a reptile and amphibian specialty pet store.
I am also responsible for the amphibian collection here currently, and hope to successfully breed our Panamanian Golden frogs and Sacramento Mountain salamanders. While Secretary, I hope to document a fun and productive 2024.
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Newsletter Editor

Max Havelka
Max Havelka is an Albuquerque native and NMHS member since childhood. A passionate naturalist and lifelong herpetology enthusiast, Max has pursued herpetology in both professional and personal endeavors. Receiving a bachelor in animal science from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, Max has cultivated a career as an independent wildlife contractor specializing in wildlife impact mitigation and endangered species monitoring in the southwest, with a focus on desert tortoises.
When not working in the field Max enjoys exploring New Mexico and observing the state's incredible diversity of herpetofauna with his very supportive wife Deanna and road-trip loving dog named Sage. Deanna and Max also enjoying gardening with a special interest in native and xeriscape plants.
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Conservation Coordinator

Brandon Bourassa
Brandon is a lifelong herper passionate about the ecology and conservation of herpetofauna, especially in the American Southwest. A graduate of the University of New Mexico with a BS in Geography, he is currently pursuing an MS in Ecological Restoration as a member of the Residential Landscape Ecology Lab at the University of Florida. His graduate work is focused on the mitigation of human/rattlesnake conflict in expanding residential landscapes both in New Mexico and on a national scale. He is also interested in crocodilian conservation and human/crocodile conflict mitigation, and is a co-organizer of Texas CrocFest, an expansion of the tremendously successful CrocFest fundraising events in Florida.

UF Residential Landscape Ecology Lab
Brandon's Personal Site
Josh is a lifelong New Mexican and has been a reptile enthusiast pretty much his whole life. He has kept them on and off since he was a kid. He got a Bachelor's degree in History from BYU-Hawaii, where he spent a lot of time catching non-native herps and snorkeling with sea turtles. He is an Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) and works for Preventive Pest Control. He carries his love of reptiles into his work and is the "Snake Wrangler" for the company. He has been a member of NMHS since 2009 and has served as Newsletter Editor, Media Relations and President in the past. He has done many outreach programs and displays both professionally and with the society. He has been web designing as a hobby since he started college in 1996. In his spare time he enjoys exploring New Mexico with his wife and four kids while finding as many herps as possible!
Media Relations

Joshua Emms