Phrynosoma modestum
Roundtail Horned Lizard

Protected- Do Not Harass or Collect these animals!

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Other Names: Bleached Horned Lizard, Horny Toad, Horned Lizard
Description: Adults are 1.6 to 2.7" SVL; no lateral fringe scales at edge of abdomen, between limbs; four separated, equally spaced horns of uniform size across back of head; black spotting at edge of vent; slender tail round in cross section; back skin smooth. Coloration varies, some are reddish, some are gray or brown. I've seen animals with yellow highlights.
Similar Species: Lack of fringe scales make this lizard easily distinguishable from any other horned lizards in the state.
Venom: None
Habitat: Prefers rocky open areas.
Behavior: Diurnal, will usually stand still to blend in until a predator passes, then they will run in short bursts.
Hibernation: Hibernates underground during the cooler months.
Reproduction: Mating occurs in early spring, lays 6-19 eggs (12-13 on average), in May or June. Eggs hatch July-October.
Diet: Mainly ants, will eat the larger harvester ants, but may prefer smaller ants, such as honey pot ants and big-headed ants. Unable to shoot blood out of their eyes.