Phrynosoma solarae
Regal Horned Lizard

Protected- Do Not Harass or Collect these animals!

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Other Names: Horned Toad, Horned Frog, Horny Toad
Description: Adults are 2.8 - 4.5" SVL. Flattened crown of horns arranged in a graded series around the back of the head, with bases in contact; four occipital horns (unique to this species); single row of lateral fringe scales; no black spotting at vent; dorsal scales strongly keeled and spiny.
Similar Species: This is the only horned lizard species with four central horns, the bases of which are all in contact.
Venom: None
Habitat: Arid and semi-arid flats and valleys and slopes of mountain foothills. It occurs in desert shrub habitats.
Behavior: Diurnal. Whe confronted by a fast-moving snake such as a coachwhip, it will present the largest part of its body to convince the snake it can't swallow the lizard. They will flee from rattlesnakes indicating that they know they can outrun them. They can also shoot blood out of their eyes.
Hibernation: Hibernates underground during the cooler months.
Reproduction: Breeding occurs in the spring and summer. Female lays clutch of up to 33 eggs in the ground in July or August. Eggs incubate for 5 - 9 weeks
Diet: Strongly prefers harvester ants.