Crotalus willardi
Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake
Protected- Do Not Harass or Collect these animals!

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Range: Found in the Peloncillos and Animas Mountains of Hidalgo County
Other Names:
Subspecies: New Mexico Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake Crotalus willardi obscurus
Description: 15-25.5". Gray above with whitish crossbars edged with dark brown or black; crossbars merge with color on sides. A ridge contours the snout. Scales keeled. Young sometimes have have a bright yellow tail.
Similar Species: The pronounced canthal ridge and unique facial pattern will distinguish this from any other rattlesnake in New Mexico.
Habitat: Montane canyons.
Behavior: Young will use their bright yellow tail as a caudal lure. Generally secretive. They are more likely to rattle and try to escape than coil and strike. They will dive deep into talus, but continue to rattle.
Hibernation: Known to hibernate in talus slides 40-46 cm deep. They will come to the surface to bask in 6-9 °C (shade) and 26 °C(sun)
Reproduction: Live bearing; 2-9 young born July-September.
Diet: Eats small mammals, birds, lizards, scorpions, centipedes and insects.