Gyalopion canum
Chihuahuan Hook-nosed Snake

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Other Names: Western Hooknose Snake, Western Hook-nosed Snake, Fart Snake
Description: Adults usually 7-11" with a record length of 15 1/6". Smooth scaled, stout-bodied snake with an up-turned nose. Ground color varies from pale yellow to pinkish brown, but it usually pale brown to gray-brown. It is marked with 25 or more jagged, distinctly black-edged darker dorsal crossbands.
Similar Species: Hognoses have keeled scales
Venom: None
Habitat: Largely a desert species, often found in areas where mesquite,creosote bush, and agave are dominant plants but also ascending into mountains at least to the pinyon-juniper zone.
Behavior: Nocturnal and crepuscular, when disturbed it may exhibit a behavior known as anal popping, where it will expel air from its vent making a popping noise.
Hibernation: Over-winters underground
Reproduction: The Western hooknose snake is oviparous. Sexually mature females may lay up to 5 eggs in June.
Diet: Mainly spiders, but centipedes and scorpions are also eaten.