Heterodon kennerlyi
Mexican Hog-nosed Snake

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Other Names: Hognose, Puff Adder, Blow Snake
Description: 15-25" long as adults, these snakes are thick-bodied and have an upturned snout. Dorsal pattern consists of fewer than 32 blotches in males and fewer than 36 in females. Blotches are cinnamon to dark brown and rounded or ovular. Background is yellowish to tan.
Similar Species: Hooknoses have smooth scales anda white venter. Eastern Hognoses have a light venter which may have dark markings, although the tail is always light colored. Plains Hognose has 9 or more small azygous scales behind rostral scale.
Venom: Rear-fanged, not considered dangerous to humans. Bite can cause local swelling in humans.
Habitat: Sandy and gravelly prairies, most frequently found in the vicinity of floodplains, streams and arroyos.
Behavior: Crepuscular, active at dawn and dusk. Nature's actors, these snakes will go through a whole routine if threatened. They will spread their necks and hiss. Then they will strike to the side. Then they will flop over and play dead. They will lie their with their tongue hanging out and will musk and vomit. If turned over, they will immediately turn back over. Uses up-turned nose to dig up toads and eggs.
Hibernation: Will overwinter underground
Reproduction: Clutch of 4-25 eggs laid in June-August
Diet: Toads, frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes, turtles, birds, small mammals and bird and reptile eggs.