Lampropeltis [getula] splendida
Desert Kingsnake

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Other Names: Splendid Kingsnake, Sonoran Kingsnake, Boundary Kingsnake, Mexican Kingsnake
Description: Adults average from 24"-36". Base color is black with yellow or white speckling on the sides. The top of the snake has thin bars making black saddles on the back.
Venom: None
Habitat: Occupies a variety of habitats including: grassland, open woodland, prairie, desert scrub, thorn thicket, cultivated fields, Chihuahuan Desert, high desert grassland, chaparral, riparian areas, and the borders of marshes and lakes.
Behavior: Nocturnal during the summer months, occasionally found out on the crawl in the spring.
Hibernation: Hibernates during the cool months. I found one in a crawlspace in April, it is likely it was overwintering there.
Reproduction: Mate in the spring, eggs are laid approximately 30 days and then hatch about 60 days after that. Hatchlings are 7"-14" long.
Diet: rodents, lizards, birds and their eggs and snakes, including rattlesnakes.