Lampropeltis pyromelana
Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake

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Other Names: Pyro
Subspecies: Arizona Mountain Kingsnake Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana
Description: A striking snake (adults 2.5 - to just under 4 ft) with alternating ringed pattern of white, red and black. Belly ringed or checkerboard pattern. Head wide mostly white with black headcap. Scales are smooth.
Similar Species: The Madrean Mountain Kingsnake can only be differentiated by range. Milksnakes usually have a black snout and fewer than 45 white bands. Longnoses sometimes have a red-black-white banding pattern, but the black bands are speckled with yellow or white.
Venom: None
Habitat: A mountain dweller of rocky taulus slopes near stream and intermittent stream courses in Pinon, Oak, Juniper, Ponderosa, Spruce and Fir forests from 3,000 to 9,000 ft.
Behavior: A secretive diurnal snake.
Reproduction: Mates in early spring lays a clutch of 3-10 eggs in July or August.
Diet: Adults eat small rodents, frogs and lizards. Young will only eat small lizards.
Authored by: Garth Teitjen