Micruroides euryxanthus
Sonoran Coralsnake

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Subspecies: Arizona Coralsnake Micruroides euryxanthus euryxanthus
Other Names:
Description: A small slender (13"- 24" in total length) strikingly colored with red, yellow or cream, and wide black rings that completely encircle the body. The red bands touch the yellow bands. The head and snout are black. The tail usually lacks red bands. The head is short barely distinct from the neck. Pupils are round and the scales are smooth and glossy. Anal divided.
Similar Species: No other snake in New Mexico is similarly colored, with red and black rings that completely encircle the body and that are separated by white or yellow rings and with a completely black snout.
Venom: Venomous
Habitat: Inhabitant of Chihuahuan desertscrubs, to Semidesert grassland. It is usually encountered above the flats in or near rocky or gravelly drainages, mesquite lined washes, and canyons
Behavior: A secretive snake. Chiefly nocturnal.
Hibernation: Hibernates during the cold months.
Reproduction: Lays 2-3 eggs.
Diet: Young may feeds on insects. Adults eat small snakes and lizards.
Authored by: Garth Teitjen