Rhinocheilus lecontei
Western Long-nosed Snake

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Description: A very colorful medium sized snake. This snake has a long and pointed nose, lower jaw is countersunk. The anal plate is undivided. The body is cream, with red, or speckled with red. Has saddles of black with speckling of cream/white on the sides of these saddles. Which gives it a peppered look. Adults are 20"-50". Belly white scales smooth. Some specimens may lack red coloration resulting in a cream and gray looking snake.
Similar Species: California Kingsnakes have shorter noses and solid black bands. Milksnakes and mountain kingsnakes have solid black, white and red bands. The banded morph of the Ground Snake has solid black bands.
Venom: None
Habitat: An inhabitant of semi-desert grassland, scrubland, and plains grassland.
Behavior: A terrestrial snake, and a good burrower. It is nocturnal and crepuscular. If alarmed will rattle its tail and may exude blood from the cloaca and nose. Can be found on the highways at night. Have been found in every month in Arizona except Feburuary.
Reproduction: Mating occurs in the spring and clutches of 3-10 eggs are laid in June and July. They may lay two clutches of eggs.
Diet: These are Lizard specialists, they also eat rodents, small snakes, reptile eggs, birds, grasshoppers, and centipedes.
Authored by: Garth Teitjen