Senticolis triaspis
Green Rat Snake
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Other Names:
Subspecies: Northern Green Rat Snake Senticolis triaspis intermedia
Description: A slender green, yellowish green, greenish gray, or olive. Belly white, cream or yellowish. Adults are 24" to 50". Young tan above with brown blotches which fades with age.
Similar Species: The unique uniform greenish coloration and long narrow head will distinguish adult Green Rats within its restricted range in New Mexico. The juveniles resemble young Coachwhips and Glossy Snakes, although they may be separated by three elongate temporal scales and weakly keeled scales along the back. Smooth Green Snake has smooth dorsal scales in 15 rows at midbody.
Venom: None
Habitat: Found in the vicinity of streams in wooded rocky canyon bottoms in mountainous areas. Occurs in woodland, thornscrub, and chaparral. It has an association sycamore, walnut, cottonwood, wild grape and willow.
Behavior: It is found in trees or shrubs in the daytime and at nighttime retires to rock crevices and other underground retreats. Is a strong climber. A powerful constrictor. Active during the cooler parts of the day.
Reproduction: Has clutches of 2-7 eggs.
Diet: Feeds on rodents, mammals, lizards and birds.
Authored By: Garth Teitjen