Tantilla hobartsmithi
Smith's Black-headed Snake

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Other Names: Southwstern Black-headed Snake
Description: A small snake 5.5" to 15". Head cap dark brown to black. Scales smooth. Tan to light brown in body coloration.
Similar Species: The Yaqui Black-Headed Snake has a distinct white ring on the neck bordered with the dark hood color both ateriorly and posteriorly. The Plains Black-headed Snake has the black cap extending 3-5 (rather than 1-3) scale lengths behind the parietals, with the posterior margin pointed or stronglt convex (rather than straight or weakly convex), and the first lower labials meet at midline. The Ground Snake has a loreal scale and never a distinct black cap, although the may be darkened.
Venom: Venom is delivered to prey via enlarged, grooved teeth in the rear upper jaw (not considered to be dangerous to humans).
Habitat: Frequents brush land, grassland, creosote brush, high scrub desert, sagebrush, thorn scrub, open chaparral and in pinon juniper woodland. Attracted to stream bottoms and river bottoms.
Behavior: Found beneath rocks, logs, boards, dead yuccas, agave and other plant debris.
Reproduction: Lays a clutch of 1-3 eggs.
Diet: Their diet consists spiders scorpions centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers, millipedes. and insect larva.
Authored by: Garth Teitjen