Tantilla wilcoxi
Chihuahuan Black-Headed Snake

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Other Names:
Description: 7-14 in. Black cap bordered by a contrasting broad white collar that crosses tips of parietal scales. Collar bordered with black. Cap extends on side of head to corner of mouth. Brown above, with dark spots on sides. Scales smooth, in 15 rows. Anal scale divided.
Similar Species: Can be distinguished from other snakes with black heads by a broad white ring that borders the black.
Venom: Venom is delivered to prey via enlarged, grooved teeth in the rear upper jaw (not considered to be dangerous to humans).
Habitat: Desert grassland and evergreen woodland.
Behavior: Occasionally nocturnal. Found beneath rocks, logs, boards, dead yuccas, agave and other plant debris.
Reproduction: Lays a clutch of 1-3 eggs.
Diet: Their diet consists spiders scorpions centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers, millipedes. and insect larva.